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댓글을 달아 주세요

  1. Favicon of 외계고양이
    2009.03.01 23:24

    2.0 버전으로 업하셨군요^^ 줄넘김이 이전보다 눈에 잘 띄게 되어 있네요.
    한동안 SyntaxHighlight를 잊고 있었는데 수고하셨네요.
    저도 이걸로 사용해야 겠네요:)

  2. Favicon of Abel Braaksma
    2009.09.23 20:10

    I'm not too strong in Korean (it is Korean, isn't it?), so I stick to English, hope you don't mind. I've made a list of available SyntaxHighlighter brushes here: and included another Lua plugin but it appears that yours is more advanced. You have a copyright notice though, so I ask you: is it OK if I make a reference to your plugin / brush on my list and provide a direct download to it? Of course, I'll keep the credits intact :)